Saturday, December 5, 2009

And Now For Something Completely Different

I feel like I just looked up and suddenly a week has passed since my last post. More travel stories will be coming soon, in the meantime I've been reading my blog stats on google analytics, and have discovered some interesting key word searches that are bringing people to my blog. Below is a list of some of the funnier ones, it kind of reads like a prose poem:

ban nudity in living rooms
coitus groom to his bride in front of the guests
cranberry juice, red pee
drummer with dialysis
happy halloween fat woman's butt as a pumpkin
i pee in my moth
lane bryant embarrassed to be measured
miriam celedonia
led zeppelin immigrant song single blogspot
nude people in noodles
peehole stabbing finger
pentwater adult store
ramen noodles with marijuana
strange sensation afer i pee
red hook immigrant story
why is there no word for seventy in french
uncontrollable exhaling


j.cro said...


Welcome home!

Anonymous said...

eeek! too funny