Friday, May 7, 2010

Going to the U.P., and getting tighter on the comment moderation

Later this evening I'll be heading up to Michigan for about a week and a half, and chances are I won't have much Internet access, so while I'll be writing, there won't be any posts for a while.

I also wanted to let you know I changed my comment moderation so that I have to clear your comments before they appear on the blog - this isn't because I don't love comments, on the contrary I ADORE them! Its just that lately I've been getting some really weird comments in Chinese, and when I get them translated in Babblefish they come out like this, for example:

Before the being frustrated person, do not discuss the self-satisfied matter; Before the self-satisfied person, do not discuss the being frustrated matter

This seems innocuous enough, but then there's always a link hidden in the comment in the form of an ellipsis that takes me to a page of Chinese ladies in underpants, and well, I'd just really prefer not to have that kind of content linked to my blog.

Have a good week, and I'll get back to posting soon.