Friday, May 7, 2010

Going to the U.P., and getting tighter on the comment moderation

Later this evening I'll be heading up to Michigan for about a week and a half, and chances are I won't have much Internet access, so while I'll be writing, there won't be any posts for a while.

I also wanted to let you know I changed my comment moderation so that I have to clear your comments before they appear on the blog - this isn't because I don't love comments, on the contrary I ADORE them! Its just that lately I've been getting some really weird comments in Chinese, and when I get them translated in Babblefish they come out like this, for example:

Before the being frustrated person, do not discuss the self-satisfied matter; Before the self-satisfied person, do not discuss the being frustrated matter

This seems innocuous enough, but then there's always a link hidden in the comment in the form of an ellipsis that takes me to a page of Chinese ladies in underpants, and well, I'd just really prefer not to have that kind of content linked to my blog.

Have a good week, and I'll get back to posting soon.


1 comment:

Shelley said...

I love this post. Somehow I've never associated your blog writings with online pics of women in underpants.

Although it does remind me of really terrible fortunes found in certain cookies. Marc got one recently that said something like, "Society creates the criminal and the law punishes him." The worst I had actually mentioned business and accounting. Ew. They should all say something about love or fortune or great friendship coming your way, don't you think?

Have a marvelous time in the UP. :)