Wednesday, March 9, 2011


at Massmouth last month in Boston, where I was judged harshly for going off topic. Photo by Paula H.S. Junn.

I've kind of been burning the candle at both ends, if working in a gym and making appearances at local storytelling venues can be considered burning the candle at both ends.  I'm a featured reader this Thursday at Story Club, and I couldn't sleep because I was thinking about what to read.  Meanwhile, I've been ignoring this blog.  I thought I'd stop in and say "hi", and post this goofy picture of me telling my UTI story to a Boston audience.  While the judges at Massmouth gave me a bad score, the audience responded really well.  At the intermission - when all the women lined up for the ladies room, I got more than one "you were robbed, I don't know why the judges did what they did!"  Which was hilarious, considering it was coming from women who were waiting in line to pee  Even from my seat on the stage (it was standing room only, and people were encouraged to sit onstage if there weren't any actual seats left), I got a couple of mouthed "you were great!"s from women sitting in the front row right after my bad score was unceremoniously written in black marker on a sheet of paper on the back wall.  Hooray for the ladies at Massmouth!  Boo for the judges!  Ha!

Okay, more soon I promise, hope you all slept well.


Wade said...

I love that picture!

JP said...

Thanks Wade!

j.cro said...

I agree - great photo and YAY for the ladies in Mass!!!