Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Remember the time I biked all the way to the Green City Market and bought a half gallon of milk and a quart of yogurt from Blue Marble Dairy, who sell their goods in glass bottles, then biked all the way home again, the bottles sweating in the bag, me sweating on the bike?

Remember the time I sat on one of those fabric covered blue line seats, and halfway to work realized that there was something in the fabric that was making its way into my pants? I couldn't decide if it was gross enough to buy new ones, so I wore them all day.

Remember the time I wore knee socks to a writer's retreat because I thought I would be cold?

Remember the time I got hooked on Six Feet Under, and could watch an entire disc worth of episodes in one sitting?

Remember the time I was visiting New York, and was in a store with Sara, and when the saleswoman asked if I needed anything I went into an uncontrollable coughing fit and she had to go get me some water, and then I left without buying anything?

Remember the time that stupid Michael Jackson song kept getting stuck in my head?

Remember the time I still had it in my head the next time I tried to write something?

Remember the time Michael Jackson was still cute, and I had a copy of the Thriller LP, and when you opened it up there was a picture of him in a white suit, reclining in soft focus with two tiger cubs?

Remember the time I showed up an hour early because I hadn't set my clock back an hour?

Remember the time I was pick pocketed in the train station right after landing in Paris, and I had my friend's money in my wallet as well as my own?

Remember the time I couldn't stop scanning the streets, looking for the person who might try to rob me next?

Remember the time I ate six oranges in one sitting?

Remember the time Amanda bit into a green bean and found half a worm in it?

Remember the time I bought a yogurt at the 7-11 next to my office, and when I got back upstairs realized that the seal had been broken but ate it anyway?

Remember the time I ate fried grasshoppers because that's what all the boys were doing, and I decided that they tasted just like chicken?

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Macarius said...

Oui, je me souviens "On m'a volé mon porte-monnaie!" Très drôle maintenant, mais pas à ce moment là.