Saturday, April 11, 2009

Things I learned watching part 2 of Buck Rogers, "Planet of the Slave Girls"

1. In the future, Jack Palance is an evil dictator named Kaleel.

2. Jack Palance's birth name was Volodymir Ivanovich Palahniuk (oh wait, I learned that on IMDB)

3. It's possible to combine the personalities of C3PO and R2D2 into one robot.

4. In the future, all outfits will be sexy.

5. Women weigh no more than medium sized watermelons, and can easily be hoisted to safety using a length of rope.

6. It's a trap (oh wait, that was Star Wars, it's a trick).

7. In the 25th century, O.J. Simpson's name will continue to be invoked as a cultural reference.

8. In the 25th century, people will still use the "thumbs up" signal when things have gone well.

9. Slingshot technology is timeless.

10. Even robots have to wear helmets sometimes.

11. All evil space headquarters contain at least one room full of molten, boiling lava.

12. There are no children in space, and no old people, except for Jack Palance.

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"Jeremy and Holly" said...

I just imagined a T-Rex doing a "thumbs up" and winking to the robot from Lost in Space. It was awesome. -Jam