Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More songs I never thought I'd hear again

Music videos I never thought I'd have to see again before working in a fitness center, that I am now forced to reckon with on a regular basis:

  • The Romantics - Talkin' in Your Sleep, entertaining, but stabbity.
  • Paula Abdul - Forever Your Girl, I can't bring myself to link this one.
  • Hall & Oates - Private Eyes, check out the 'stache on Oates.
  • Survivor - Eye of the Tiger, from the walking-while-singing school of music video production.
  • En Vogue - Free Your Mind, I can't make myself link to this video, I simply can't.
  • Toni Basil - Mickey, what I just said about the Free Your Mind video x 12.
  • The Go-Gos - Vacation, nope, not going to link to this one either.
  • David Bowie & Mick Jagger - Dancin' in the Streets, I find this one particularly stab inducing.

Music videos I see on a regular basis at work that are awesome, either in their own right or in the context of being played in a fitness center:


j.cro said...

Hi JP!!
I just finished reading Rob Sheffield's "Talking to Girls about Duran Duran" and some of the music you listed is mentioned in the book.

His book is uproariously funny - I laughed out loud a LOT. Please check it out and it will make you see some of those songs from another perspective.

JP said...

Cool! I'll add it to my reading list.