Saturday, October 2, 2010

October Already

I didn't post anything yesterday because the September Blog Challenge is over, and the piece I was working on didn't feel finished.  It made me feel kind of sad and lazy.  I liked having a reason to post something every day, even if sometimes what I posted was nonsense.  It kind of kept everything moving in my head, and forced me to notice things around me that I might not have otherwise.  Some good posts came out of it too.  I counted the number of posts I've written about Senegal - 15 so far, and I still have at least one more to go.  The first post I wrote that mentioned Senegal was back in March, and I'm still thinking of things I want to say about it; the September Blog Challenge really pushed me to write more about it, and I'm glad.  It was an experience I'm not likely to repeat, and this blog will give me a place to archive my memories of it.  Having taken very few notes while I was there, I wasn't sure how much I'd end up writing about it, and it turns out to be the biggest subject I've written about.  Once it's done, I'll have to figure out where else to turn my attentions, which will be it's own challenge.

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