Thursday, September 23, 2010

September 23rd - True Confessions

I have never seen the film Rocky.  Oh, I've seen clips from it - the montage where he runs up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and punches sides of beef in a meat locker, but I've never actually seen the whole thing.  I still haven't - it was on My50 Chicago and I caught the first half hour before the season premiere of 30 Rock, then caught the last half hour after the season premiere of The Office.  Between the first and last half hours, I learned a few things about Sylvester Stallone that might surprise you, they certainly surprised me.  For instance, did you happen to know that Sylvester Stallone wrote the screenplay to Rocky?  I didn't.  And if his Wikipedia entry is even close to accurate, he had a pretty rotten childhood.  I mean the rest of it - the endless sequels, Rambo, hanging out with Ronald Reagan... none of that is really to my taste, but I'll take my inspiration where I can get it.  I think I might have to put Rocky on my Netflix instant cue sometime soon.  In related news, I took my first (and possibly only) kick class today at the gym, and it was really hard.

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