Friday, September 3, 2010

September 3rd - more lists

Songs I never wanted to hear again that are played on a regular basis at work:

1. Urban Dance Squad, "A Deeper Shade of Soul", 1989, from the album Mental Floss for the Planet
2. Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney "Say, say, say", 1982, from the album The Pipes of Peace
3. Dead or Alive "My Heart Goes Bang", 1985, from the album Youthquake
4. Phil Collins, "That's All", possibly from 1985's release No Jacket Required, but I really can't be bothered to do the research
5. Murray Head, "One Night in Bangkok", 1984, from the album Chess
6. Toto, "Africa", 1982, from the album Toto IV
7. Van Halen, "Dreams", 1986, from the album 5150
8. John Parr, "Man in Motion (St. Elmo's Fire)", 1985, which, shockingly, does not appear on any John Parr albums
9. Kenny Loggins, "Footloose", 1984, appears on the album of the same name

I really need to start bringing headphones to work.


j.cro said...

I'm sorry you have to hear these songs at work.

I recently got a job working two days a week at the restaurant of a friend. The background music is frequently set to a station called "Coffee House". I kid you not when I tell you the SAME EXACT SONGS that were playing in the late 1980s/early 1990s when I worked my first-ever restaurant job are STILL PLAYING on that damn "Coffee House" Station. Tracy Chapman, Everything but the Girl, Indigo Girls. It's unbelievable!

wade said...

I can agree with all of those except for "Africa". One of the top five singing at the top of your lungs alone in the car songs of all time!