Thursday, September 2, 2010

September 2nd - Predecessors

Among the tidbits my predecessor left in my workspace is a handwritten list on a sheet torn from a yellow legal pad.  I found it tucked into the inside pocket of a three-ring binder while I was looking for something else.  On it, a selection of soups available at the hospital cafeteria have been sorted under the headings: "like" and "never again".

tomato florentine
twice baked potato
harvest grain w/portabello mushroom
vegetable lumberjack

Never again:
cheesy cauliflower (bacony)
wisconsin cheese (bacony)
yukon gold potato (bacony)
fire roasted veg. (too hot-spicy or too salty)
cream of mushroom

She must not have been a bacon person.


GV said...

mmmmm... bacon

GV said...

wait... just read the list again... what exactly does "vegetable lumberjack" taste like? If anything should taste bacony, it should a soup named after lumberjacks!

AJ said...

That bitch is crazy. Bacon never lets you down.

Sarah- A Beach Home Companion said...

I cringe because those are soups I sell in my double life as a food broker. The Yukon Gold Potato is actually not that bad and it's considered a "Healthy Choice." Depends on what you consider healthy I guess. I wish I could see everyone's private preference list.

JP said...

Sarah - are you serious? I feel like the Wizard of Oz just posted a comment on my blog. My absolute favorite -- Italian wedding with meatballs, keep it coming.

Midtagessen said...

I am personally affronted...a no to cream of mushroom. Your only saving grace was the italian wedding soup with meatballs comment. I make my own...that get's a bravo.

JP said...

I enjoy the cream of mushroom served at the cafeteria; for institutional soup, it's not bad. It's my predecessor who had it listed under "never again."