Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday, September 5th - Postcards of Michigan (now with improved photos!)

A selection of postcards that I found today at the Jackson Antique mall in LaGrange, IL.  Please pardon the terrible iPhone photos - only two kinda sorta came out once I emailed them to myself and tried to upload them here - the other three keep coming out upside down.  I'd work on this more but it's 11:41 - I only have 19 minutes left for today's post!  If I'm feeling less crabby about it, maybe tomorrow I'll use a real camera and make it prettier. (Update: the husband helped me fix it! Yay!)

Postmark: April 1966, Grand Rapids, MI
Card showing the interior of Finger's Restaurant, Grand Rapids, MI.
Mailed to an address in Aurora, IL
Printed text:
"Michigan's Early American Show Place"
4981 Plainefield N.E. Grand Rapids, Mich 49505
Tel 363-3836
Shown is the unique Country Store, which is only one of the many pleasant surprises in store for you along with a dining experience you will long remember.  Your Hosts - The Fingers
 Handwritten message:
Dear Mom, Dad, & Grandma;
I had the school send Sue some applications and I sent Mark some information.  I wish Doug would forget what Beth told him.  Won't be long now til youth conference.  The weather is very nice.  It reminds me of last year at youth conference.  Mickey got some crazy slides of dorm life at our dorm once.  He says they're going to be in the year book & that he's going to show them at Y.C.  I hope he's kidding.  I'll die.

Postmark: Aug 4 1927, 5pm, Oshkosh, Wis.
Text on front of card: "No. 149 View In John Ball Park, Grand Rapids, Mich."
Mailed to an address in Waupaca, Wisconsin
Handwritten message:
Dear (name unclear),
If it isn't stormy we will come Sun. morning.  Hope you are all well by now.  Papa seems a little stronger this week.
With Love,
Thur. P.M.

Identical cards showing a photo of the Upper Tahquamenon Falls, both postmarked:  Aug 15 1961, 9am, Paradise, MI.  One addressed to Mrs. Anna Mae Angus of Morris, IL; the other to Mr. and Mrs. Don Angus of Joliet, IL.  Both have handwritten messages written in green ink.
Printed text:
Upper Tahquamenon Falls
In Michigan's Upper Peninsula
White waters created by the powerful fall of water as it drops close to 40 feet from the rim of the Upper Falls of the Tahquamenon River, gives the camera enthusiast a beautiful subject for his pictures.

Handwritten message #1:
Hi Gram - having a real swell time.  So far we have really seen a lot of pretty country.  We saw these falls today.  Going on to Green Bay Wis. tomorrow.  - See you soon
Jim (your grandson)

Handwritten message #2:
This is beautiful country.  These falls are really pretty.  We enjoyed the island very much.  The kids rode bikes & Ben & I walked.  Probably get to Green Bay tomorrow.
The Angus Clan

Postmark: Aug 15 1958, Naubinway, Mich.
Mackinac Straits Bridge
Mailed to an address in Defiance, OH
Printed text: This engineering masterpiece, one of man's truly great achievements, forms a 4-lane ribbon of highway over the turbulent straits of Macinac(sic) between St. Ignace and Mackinaw City, Michigan.  Its contribution to the economy of Upper Michigan and the North Country cannot help but be significant.  The overall length makes it the longest bridge of its type in the world.  Opened in November of 1957, it carries thousands and thousands of vehicles between the two great peninsulas of Michigan.
Handwritten message:
We hope you folks are making plans to come up to the club.  This bridge is something to see - weather very good.
Love - Elsie T. Glasser

Postmark: Aug 29, 1961 Mackinaw City, MI
Mackinac Straits Bridge
Mailed to an address in Aurora, IL
Printed text: connecting the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan was opened for traffic on Nov. 1st, 1957.  It is the world's longest and most expensive suspension bridge, the length being almost 5 miles.  The towers are 752 ft. high, of which 552 ft. are above water.  Clearance at the center is 150 ft.  It carries 4 lanes of traffic which are regulated by signals operated from a control system at headquarters in St. Ignace.
Handwritten message:
Arrived up here today at 10:00 A.M.  Left yesterday and took a couple tours in two different cities.  Had a real cute cabin last night at Big Rapids.  Sure is pretty here.  Will see you soon.
Caryl Art & All

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